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Random Gradient Generator With CSS and Javascript

      Let's see how to generate random gradient background using JavaScript. This is very simple. We will use Math.random() of JavaScript to generate any random value we want to generate. We will have some functions in JavaScript :  1) randomElement() : To generate a random value between 0 to f or the hexadecimal digits. 2) randomColor() : To generate a random Hex color. 3) randomAngle() : To generate a random angle between 0 to 360. 4) applyBg() : To apply the background gradient to a particular element. Now , Let's see the live preview of our project. Change Background Let's understand in short how is it generating random gradient everytime. We have an inbuilt function in JavaScript called Math.rand() which generates random fraction value between 0 to 1. So if I multiply that with any number N and floor or round off the value, it will output any random value between 0 to N in integer format. This concept we have used here.  To generate the