Which one is better ? GeeksForGeeks or Leetcode ? How many questions to solve ?

     Good question! There are many websites for practising DSA questions. In the context of India though, GeeksForGeeks and Leetcode are most famous among undergraduate Computer Science students(other departments' students are also getting rapid interest) for practising DSA questions.     

    Now maybe you are a first-year student or just starting out with coding in college. You must have already heard the buzzword 'DSA', and its necessity to get jobs in the IT industry. You may have seen plenty of ads on YouTube of some companies promoting their live and 'free!!!' webinars. Lots of learning resources are also available freely on youtube to learn DSA. Okay, learning DSA is on one side. However, you need to practice questions, to get that 'legend-level' confidence to approach any given problem and solve it.

    Here comes the confusion! Your senior 'Rahul Roy' advised you to practise on Leetcode. He may have even told you that,  a good 'Leetcode' profile with lots of solved problems is essential to attract companies. Now there is another senior 'Vicky Kaushal' who told the same about GeeksForGeeks. From here and there you have heard some more names - 'interviewbit', 'hackerrank' etc. Surprisingly, you may have created accounts in all of them. 

    Now, at this point, you are confused, really confused, about which one to focus on. I have an extremely easy answer. Before I tell you the answer, you must know that on all the mentioned websites, fantastic questions are there. Most of the questions( important for interviews ) are present on all of the sites. And kindly speaking, the number of problems you have solved is not at all important if you can't solve the coding questions during the placement process. The only benefit you will get from solving many questions is the confidence to tackle hard problems. Your '300+ questions solved' profile will not give you any facility if you fail to answer during the interview process. And now the answer to the question of which site to choose is that it is completely your choice. Go with the website whose UI is most catchy to your eyes. Choose the one in which you are most comfortable. 'Rahul Roy' and 'Vicky Kaushal' suggested Leetcode and Gfg because they themselves feel comfortable with those sites. One Google boy did GFG, doesn't mean you have to do GFG to crack Google.

    So, the point is - the website name is not important, count of solved problems is not important after a certain minimum value. 

Disclaimer: I have not given any info related to Competetive Programming. CP is totally different. And it is more like a student's choice. Some students do CP and got placement and; some didn't but still are placed.

    In short some 'gyan' - Practice DSA, and learn core cs concepts also(OS, DBMS etc). And yes, you want to see Nqueen problem visually? visit https://nqueenvisual.netlify.app/ 

sudoku solver? https://sudoku.ml/

    Thank you. Bye.

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