Which one is better ? GeeksForGeeks or Leetcode ? How many questions to solve ?

    Great question! When it comes to practicing Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), there's a plethora of websites to choose from. In the Indian context, GeeksForGeeks and Leetcode stand out as the most popular choices among undergraduate Computer Science students (and even those from other departments who are quickly catching on) for honing their DSA skills.

    Whether you're a first-year student or just diving into coding during college, you've probably encountered the ubiquitous term 'DSA' and its significance in securing jobs within the IT industry. You might have seen numerous YouTube ads promoting live and 'free!!!' webinars, and there's a wealth of learning resources available on YouTube to grasp the fundamentals of DSA. However, while learning DSA is crucial, the real game-changer is practicing questions to cultivate that 'legend-level' confidence needed to tackle any given problem.

    Now, here's where the confusion sets in. Your senior, 'Rahul Roy,' advised you to practice on Leetcode, emphasizing the importance of building a strong 'Leetcode' profile with a plethora of solved problems to attract companies. On the flip side, another senior, 'Vicky Kaushal,' echoed similar sentiments about GeeksForGeeks. As you navigate this maze, you've probably come across other names like 'InterviewBit' and 'HackerRank,' perhaps even creating accounts on all of them.

    At this juncture, the overwhelming question is, which platform should you focus on? Here's the simple answer: before I reveal it, understand that all the mentioned platforms offer fantastic questions, and most of the critical interview-worthy problems are present on each of them. The number of problems solved isn't as crucial as your ability to tackle coding questions during the placement process. Solving a multitude of questions only benefits you if it translates into confidence when faced with challenging problems during interviews.

    Now, for the answer – it's entirely up to you. Opt for the website with a UI that appeals most to your eyes and choose the one where you feel most comfortable. 'Rahul Roy' and 'Vicky Kaushal' suggested Leetcode and GeeksForGeeks because those are platforms they personally find comfortable. Just because one person cracked Google by using GFG doesn't mean it's the only path to success.

    In essence, the website's name is not the determining factor, and the count of solved problems becomes less significant after a certain minimum value.

    Disclaimer: I haven't delved into information related to Competitive Programming (CP), as it's an entirely different realm and more a matter of personal choice. Some students pursue CP and secure placements, while others who don't still manage to land desirable positions.

    In short some 'gyan' - Practice DSA, and learn core cs concepts also(OS, DBMS etc). And yes, you want to see Nqueen problem visually? visit https://nqueenvisual.netlify.app/ 

sudoku solver? https://sudokuw.netlify.app/

    Thank you. Bye.

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