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Different ways to Android Development - The Complete Guide

What is Android ?        Android is a mobile operating system based on the modified version of linux operating system. In latest of 2021 the number of active android users in the world is about 131.2 million. Android is mainly for touchscreen mobile devices. These days, people are more engaged on their mobiles. They depend a lot on the android apps in their day to day life. Literally, android is nowadays a daily need of people. What is Android Development ?     Android development is the process to develop application for android OS. These are the apps which we find in the Google Play Store. As their is a strong user-base for android, their is a very much possibility for you to get success as an Android Developer. Their are several ways by which you can develop android apps, more specifically their are several Programming Languages and Frameworks to develop android apps. I will introduce them one by one -  1. Java :      Until now from the emergence of Android OS, Java is the mostly us