Different ways to Android Development - The Complete Guide

What is Android ?

       Android is a mobile operating system based on the modified version of linux operating system. In latest of 2021 the number of active android users in the world is about 131.2 million. Android is mainly for touchscreen mobile devices. These days, people are more engaged on their mobiles. They depend a lot on the android apps in their day to day life. Literally, android is nowadays a daily need of people.

What is Android Development ?

    Android development is the process to develop application for android OS. These are the apps which we find in the Google Play Store. As their is a strong user-base for android, their is a very much possibility for you to get success as an Android Developer. Their are several ways by which you can develop android apps, more specifically their are several Programming Languages and Frameworks to develop android apps. I will introduce them one by one - 

1. Java : 

    Until now from the emergence of Android OS, Java is the mostly used language for developing android apps. Java is an object-oriented programming language. Some famous android apps made with Java language are - 

  • Spotify ( Music streaming app )
  • Twitter ( Social Media )
  • Signal ( Encrypted and safe chatting application )
  • Cash App ( Mobile payment service )
  • Opera Mini ( Web Browser )

2. Kotlin : 

    Kotlin is another very famous and modern statically typed programming language used to develop android apps. It has also a strong community support. Some famous apps made on Kotlin are - 

  • Google 
  • Pinterest
  • Square
  • Trello
  • Evernote
  • Slack
  • Tinder
  • Netflix
  • Zomato

3. Flutter :

   Flutter is Google's UI toolkit to create multidevice natively compiled application with a single code base maintenance. Flutter is an open source tool kit with great community support and many apps have been already developed by using flutter in the codebase. Flutter uses Dart programming language. Some useful and famous apps built in flutter are - 

  • Google Ads
  • KlasterMe
  • Reflectly
  • Postmuse
  • Hamilton

4. React Native  :

     React native is an open source UI design JavaScript framework created by Meta platforms. It is used to develop multi device applications in a very efficient way. React native allows you to create purely native applications with maintaining a single code base. Some extra ordinary applications created with React Native are - 

  • Instagram
  • Wix
  • Discord
  • Uber eats
  • Myntra

   Now at this point you know what are the various ways of building Android applications to be a successful Android developer. All the four options, I have told you, are extremely good and very interesting to start out. Make sure to check out all of them and choose your favourite one. That's all. Hope you have gathered some knowledge from this post. If yes make sure to comment your country below. That inspires me too much. Thank you very much,  have a nice day. Tata...

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