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Which one is better ? GeeksForGeeks or Leetcode ? How many questions to solve ?

     Great question! When it comes to practicing Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), there's a plethora of websites to choose from. In the Indian context, GeeksForGeeks and Leetcode stand out as the most popular choices among undergraduate Computer Science students (and even those from other departments who are quickly catching on) for honing their DSA skills.      Whether you're a first-year student or just diving into coding during college, you've probably encountered the ubiquitous term 'DSA' and its significance in securing jobs within the IT industry. You might have seen numerous YouTube ads promoting live and 'free!!!' webinars, and there's a wealth of learning resources available on YouTube to grasp the fundamentals of DSA. However, while learning DSA is crucial, the real game-changer is practicing questions to cultivate that 'legend-level' confidence needed to tackle any given problem.      Now, here's where the confusion sets in. Y