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Which one is better ? GeeksForGeeks or Leetcode ? How many questions to solve ?

      Good question! There are many websites for practising DSA questions. In the context of India though, GeeksForGeeks and Leetcode are most famous among undergraduate Computer Science students(other departments' students are also getting rapid interest) for practising DSA questions.           Now maybe you are a first-year student or just starting out with coding in college. You must have already heard the buzzword 'DSA', and its necessity to get jobs in the IT industry. You may have seen plenty of ads on YouTube of some companies promoting their live and 'free!!!' webinars. Lots of learning resources are also available freely on youtube to learn DSA. Okay, learning DSA is on one side. However, you need to practice questions, to get that 'legend-level' confidence to approach any given problem and solve it.     Here comes the confusion! Your senior 'Rahul Roy' advised you to practise on Leetcode. He may have even told you that,  a good 'Leetcod