Is PHP dead ? What to use in backend ?


So, hello everyone welcome to another blog. Now the question that leads you to this blog post is that which language should we use in the backend of website. For about two decades, PHP was soo famous in web backend development and was the compulsory language for backend developers. But, nowadays, some says that PHP is dead , he is no more, leave it, kill it and so on. So, what's the matter actually and what to learn. Okay, let's point out one thing that--

 Do you know Wordpress is the biggest platform for blog websites. Very interestingly,  it is totally on PHP. Also, PHP is made and brought up only and specially for web development. Also PHP is very compatible with HTML and CSS websites. 

People who say that PHP is dead actually they somehow hate this language. But trust me it is not true. In this days, in the web 79.1 % websites are on PHP.  Also it has a very strong userbase throughout the world. 

Also, let me mention some giant websites which are world famous all time and built with PHP. 

1) Facebook (Social Media)

2) Wikipedia (encyclopedia)

3) Tumblr (social)

4) Mailchimp (email marketing platform)

Then, take out your computer and start with PHP without any hesitation about it's popularity. Remember the most discussed one is the best. That's why PHP is still on top. Go on

  <?php echo "LEARN PHP"; ?>

You can check out the post : How to send request through AJAX in jQuery to PHP

Hope I am able to answer your query completely. You can comment below.  Thank you and have a nice day.....

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