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    Web development is one of the all time trending topic to techies. The learning curve of web development has never down-sloped. Today, I will tell you the complete roadmap to be a web developer and pursue your career. I will give you a sequential overview to learn topics one after another. After learning them you will be called "A WEB DEVELOPER". Web development is always a trending career option -- Here Why  

We can divide the web development into two subparts- A. Frontend development and B. Backend development. The tasks which a developer has to do are --

  1.  Make a basic markup of a page using HTML
  2. Design the webpage using CSS or any library like - Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma
  3. Make the website interactive with JavaScript 

These steps come under frontend part. So, to handle frontend learn -- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, any  CSS library. Learn these topics one after another. Completing these you will be able to design a website and can make beautiful templates for websites. I will prefer you to do some frontend projects done to make your concept clear and then you can dive into backend...

Backend development is mostly about making your website dynamic means it will load content from database. You can understand, here you have to learn how the frontend of a website is connected to the database of the website. In backend part you have many options to do. Let me tell one of the options and make your basic concept clear and then I will mention the other options which you can choose as you want.

  1.  Use PHP to submit data from a website form to database(MySQL) 
  2. Learn the basic CRUD(create, read, update, delete) operation to do with database.
  3. Learn to build a safe login system using PHP.
  4. Learn PHP framework like Laravel.

Now, you are done with the backend part also. Except PHP MySQL there are more options to do the same backend development --

  • Django(python framework) + postgreSQL
  • Node JS + MongoBB
  • asp + .net + any database

Do as many projects as you can after completing the learning process and test your concepts and make your hands dirty and fast in coding. Projects you can make --

  • Blog with admin panel
  • Login system with password reset
  • Food order website

Okay, hope you all enjoyed the post and understood the Roadmap Sequence to follow to be a web developer. Share your opinions in the comments.  Also, you can share this page to others. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.......

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