5 Best PHP IDE (FREE) For PHP Web Development


What is a PHP ide or PHP code editor:

    PHP is a very popular backend web development programming language of all time. PHP is a very nice web application development language. A code editor is a software which helps us to write, understand and debug code faster. In the same manner, a PHP ide(integrated development environment) or PHP text editor helps us to do various stuffs with PHP code faster, which in return improves our productiveness in developing PHP web application. Every PHP editor automatically highlight syntax of our PHP code and auto complete our code which gives us tremendous speed in development process. With that being said let's see the 5 best free PHP ide for your smooth workflow.

1. Eclipse :

    Eclipse is a free PHP code editor, which you can use so easily in your day to day PHP development. It supports various color themes for you to write your code in your comfortable way. You can check their documentation and download the IDE from there official website https://www.eclipse.org/ide/

2. VS Code : 

    VS Code is a code editor from the Microsoft. It is very popular as you can code almost in every language in this software in an easy way. It has a huge extensions in the marketplace which you can use to increase productivity in your coding. You can write your PHP application in VS Code, it is really good. It supports too many color themes to boost up your work according to your choice. You can download it from the site - https://code.visualstudio.com/download

3. Atom : 

    Like all others, Atom is also a very nice PHP editor. It is especially for web development. It has a minimal look. You can download it from here - https://atom.io/

    The other two best ide for PHP development are --

4. Komodo :

    Download it from here - https://www.activestate.com/products/komodo-ide/

5. Rapid PHP :

    Download here - https://www.rapidphpeditor.com/

     So, that's all. I have mentioned the best free PHP editors for your web development works. You can use any of them all are fantastic. Don't forget to comment your opinions and doubts . Thank you. Happy coding . BYE...


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