Library Management system implementation in CPP(C++)

     Library management system implementation could be a great assignment/project to polish many different concepts in C++. Here we have implemented the library management using structures like linked lists but in a two-dimensional manner. This does not use any database, but the concepts can be extended to a database instead. This implementation is perfect for college/university assignments, and personal project purposes. 

    This program in C++ uses many different concepts of Programming such as - Object-oriented programming, Linked list, Pointers, Complex data structures etc. 

    The problem statement for this Program may be -

 "In a library, for each book book-id, serial number (denotes copy number of a book), title, author, publisher and price are stored. Book-id and serial number together will be a unique identifier for a book. Members are either students or faculty. Each member has a unique member-id. Name, e-mail and address are also to be stored. For any transaction (book issue or return), members are supposed to place a transaction slip. The user will submit member-id, book-id, and serial number (only for book return). While processing a transaction, check the validity of the member. While issuing, the availability of a copy of the book is to be checked. While returning a book, it is to be checked whether this copy was issued to the member or not. A student member can have 2 books issued at a point in time. For faculty members, it is 10. Transaction information is to be stored like date of transaction, member-id, book-id, serial number, returned or not. An entry is made when a book is issued and updated when the book is returned. Design the classes and implement them. For list consider memory data structure.".


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