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Different ways to Android Development - The Complete Guide

What is Android ?        Android is a mobile operating system based on the modified version of linux operating system. In latest of 2021 the number of active android users in the world is about 131.2 million. Android is mainly for touchscreen mobile devices. These days, people are more engaged on their mobiles. They depend a lot on the android apps in their day to day life. Literally, android is nowadays a daily need of people. What is Android Development ?     Android development is the process to develop application for android OS. These are the apps which we find in the Google Play Store. As their is a strong user-base for android, their is a very much possibility for you to get success as an Android Developer. Their are several ways by which you can develop android apps, more specifically their are several Programming Languages and Frameworks to develop android apps. I will introduce them one by one -  1. Java :      Until now from the emergence of Android OS, Java is the mostly us

The Best Web Development Roadmap - Guide To Start Out

           Web development is one of the all time trending topic to techies. The learning curve of web development has never down-sloped. Today, I will tell you the complete roadmap to be a web developer and pursue your career. I will give you a sequential overview to learn topics one after another. After learning them you will be called "A WEB DEVELOPER". Web development is always a trending career option -- Here Why    We can divide the web development into two subparts- A. Frontend development and B. Backend development. The tasks which a developer has to do are --  Make a basic markup of a page using HTML Design the webpage using CSS or any library like - Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma Make the website interactive with JavaScript  These steps come under frontend part. So, to handle frontend learn -- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, any  CSS library. Learn these topics one after another. Completing these you will be able to design a website and can make beautiful templates for websites.

Is PHP dead ? What to use in backend ?

  So, hello everyone welcome to another blog. Now the question that leads you to this blog post is that which language should we use in the backend of website. For about two decades, PHP was soo famous in web backend development and was the compulsory language for backend developers. But, nowadays, some says that PHP is dead , he is no more, leave it, kill it and so on. So, what's the matter actually and what to learn. Okay, let's point out one thing that--  Do you know Wordpress is the biggest platform for blog websites. Very interestingly,  it is totally on PHP. Also, PHP is made and brought up only and specially for web development. Also PHP is very compatible with HTML and CSS websites.  People who say that PHP is dead actually they somehow hate this language. But trust me it is not true. In this days, in the web 79.1 % websites are on PHP.  Also it has a very strong userbase throughout the world.  Also, let me mention some giant websites which are world famous all time an

Why Web Development is a trending career ?

  The field of technology is going to create many job opportunities. Web Development is a very successful career option. As everything in this in this world is becoming so much online , the demand of web developers is in the top. Nowadays, every famous shop, institute, business are in need of websites. The education system is also very much dependent in online system. All of these stuffs are maintained by web developers. Learn only four things HTML , CSS, JS , Bootstrap and you are ready to go as a frontend web developer. learn PHP or Node or Django and you are now a full stack developer.  A frontend developer has the responsibility of designing the website. Average salary of a frontend developer is between 4,00,000 to 9,00,000 rupees per annum. Also they can do personal projects for anyone to boost their income. Also, the demand is going so high now, companies need more developers now. Now, you can understand that it is life changing for you. So, why are you waiting still. NOTE TH